Photo by Maykel Loomans at Brooklyn Beta 2013.

I’m a designer exploring the intersection of art, marketing, and technology at Basecamp. I also happily serve as Co-President of AIGA Chicago.

I live, work, and teach in Chicago. Like my coworkers, I also enjoy working remotely, turning local coffee shops from my favorite cities into my office.

At Basecamp, I design and lead brand and marketing projects for our popular project management app. I work on new features, improve conversion and retention of our customers, shape the Basecamp voice through marketing experiments and writing, all the way to new app and product prototyping. We try new ideas often, and approach our work as scientists. I help make sure our customers feel super loved, because we love them!

Before Basecamp, I cut my teeth as the first full-time interactive designer at Threadless. There, I designed much of the marketing campaigns, brand standards, and interfaces. It was there where I learned how to take care of your community and try new ideas, no matter how weird. I also accidentally moonlit as a t-shirt model, but thankfully for everyone else that career was short-lived. Leading up to Threadless, I toughened my skin working at studios and agencies making work for clients including AIGA, Google, Harley-Davidson, Rand McNally, Sears, Segura Inc, SC Johnson, and Valspar.

Teaching, mentoring, and community outreach make up the latter half of my time. I’m working hard every day to make the Chicago design community a better place by serving as Co-President for AIGA Chicago. I also maintain a design video blog, Humble Pied, which showcases short videos from inspirational designers sharing quick bits of advice. I also started and organized the CreativeMornings Chicago chapter for two years, ultimately passing the reigns to my friends Kim and Kyle at Knoed. Beyond all that I serve as a mentor within design, tech, and startup organizations. (Phew.)

I like my pizza hot, my coffee black, and my beer hoppy.

Designer, Basecamp. Co-Pres, AIGA Chicago

I help people learn about and fall in love with Basecamp. Formerly Threadless, and an agency refugee. Beliefs: try new things, humility > hubris, build your community, have some fucking fun! ♥ Chicago.

Photo by Maykel Loomans
Roll your sleeves up,
Midwest pride


Since 2012, I’ve been teaching beginners the fundamentals of design and visual patterns at The Starter League in Chicago. Prior, I spent three years teaching art direction, design, and professional practices at The Chicago Portfolio School.

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  • State of Search

    Dallas, TX

  • MozCon

    Seattle, WA

  • CreativeMornings, “Backwards”

    Morningstar HQ, Chicago, IL

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  • Fête Dément

    AIGA West Michigan, Grand Rapids, MI

  • “Making by Breaking”

    Apple Store, Lincoln Park, Chicago, IL

  • “Hard Work, Heart Work”

    MoxieCon, Chicago, IL

  • Build

    AIGA St. Louis, MO

  • Emerging Designer’s Symposium

    AIGA Design Conference, Phoenix, AZ

  • “Fuck the Police, Make What You Wanna”

    WMC Fest, Cleveland, OH

  • “How the New Kids On the Block Do It”

    HOW Design Conference, Chicago, IL

  • “Staying scrappy.”

    Zappos, Las Vegas, NV

  • “Designing for a Million+ of your Friends”

    The School of VISUAL ARTS, New York, NY

  • “Inspiring Awesomeness with Threadless”

    PSFK Salon, Chicago, IL

  • “What You Don’t Learn in Design School”

    HOW Design Conference, Denver, CO

  • Show & Tell

    Portland State University, via Skype


  • AIGA
  • CMYK Magazine
  • Coudal
  • Grain Edit
  • HOW Magazine
  • Motionographer
  • Print (Nominated for 20 under 30)
  • siteInspire
  • Smashing Magazine
  • The Society of Typographic Arts
  • Swissmiss
  • UnderConsideration
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I’m easily reachable on Twitter. You can follow me at @migreyes. The second-best way to reach out is through email. I’m occasionally available for speaking, but I’m quite happy at Basecamp, so I’m not interested in work. You can email me at



This site is designed with a six-column grid from sketch to code. Programmed with Sublime Text 2 using Jekyll, Sass, jQuery paired with CoffeeScript, and Rake tasks for compilation and deployment to Dreamhost. Version controlled with Git on GitHub. The body typeface is FF Tisa served via Typekit, while the complimentary sans-serif is Alto by OurType. Photoshop and Illustrator fired up for imagery. Probably swore a lot when I broke something in the code. Get weird.

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