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Signal vs. Noise

In 2006, 37signals released an all new version of the popular Signal vs. Noise blog as an internal Ruby on Rails app. In 2012, I gave it its first redesign. It was my first foray into Rails, responsive design, and Sass.

Bike Sale

As a weekend project, I built a website to sell my first city bike. Using the same writing, I also put up a Craigslist ad. Craiglist ad: up for 7 days, 0 offers. Website: up for 1 day, 5 offers, sold the next day.

designing is selling

I designed and built the framework for the new marketing site, featuring the fantastic illustrations by Nate Otto. After focusing a lot of time on learning JavaScript, I sprinkled in a lot of easter eggs, including the live-updating statistics and character interactions on the signup page.

Breeze For Designers

For a short while, Basecamp had a group email product called Breeze. I spent a couple days designing and building a page specifically to sell to designers.

Basecamp Account Features

On the product side of Basecamp, I worked with @javan on bringing our customers the Annual Subscription package, as well as the ability to Pause their Basecamp subscription. Later, I worked with @trevorturk on the all new Storage Upgrades feature, giving the Basecamp account plan selection a redesign along the way.

Basecamp Help

Customers choose Basecamp not only for how simple and easy it is, but for its world-class support. I teamed up with the Basecamp Support team to design and build them a Help site they can self-manage, using it as an opportunity to teach them the tools of our company.

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Humble Pied

In 2009, I did super-short video interviews with my friends, colleagues, former bosses, and industry heroes about advice for young designers. I recently gave it a facelift, making the site snappy moving it from WordPress to Jekyll. You can watch all of the interviews, or take a look at the code on GitHub.

ask your heroes

Basecamp Logos

I started my career doing traditional graphic design, which often involved branding and identity work. Every now and again at Basecamp, I’ll have some fun dipping into app logos.

Incoming Transmission

Curious about Ruby and hooking into the Campfire API, I wrote a script to gather every link shared in the Basecamp company chat room and later curated them into a monthly newsletter featuring the best reads of the web.

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37signals Design Test

Everyone considered for a career at Basecamp goes through a paid design, writing, or programming challenge. This was my test that ultimately helped me land my job at Basecamp.

Writing is designing

Google City Navigator

Google invited me to design a website to help tourists discover one of my favorite cities. In case you were wondering, Chicago is my favorite city.

Threadless Profiles Redesign

I worked with Threadless Creative Director Sean Donohue to revamp the user profiles, which included a better way to connect with other fans and artists on Threadless.

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Threadless Promotions

For three years, I lived my dream of doing illustrative design and created the graphic looks of a huge assortment of Threadless sales and promotions. Here’s a just a few of my favorites.

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make misatkes
try new things


My very first jQuery plugin is an easter egg that advocates people focusing more on the content of the web, and less on the magic of media queries.

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United Pixelworkers

The killer crew at United Pixelworkers asked me to represent my city with their Local series. Oddly enough, it’s my first t-shirt I’ve designed since working at Threadless.

Bordo Bello Skateboards

I was invited by AIGA Colordo to contribute several skateboard designs for the Bordo Bello, an event that includes the world’s top artists to help raise money for young designers in the Colorado area.

Get your hands dirty


One of my favorite types projects to work on are posters. Here’s a few done for various bands, DJs, venues, and organizations.

Layer Tennis

Just for fun, check out the hilariously-written commentary on these Layer Tennis matches as I take on my pals Jessica Hische, Armin Vit, Mark Weaver, and Noper in all-out design battles.

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