An exploration in the design and storytelling of happy 37signals customers, by Mig Reyes

The Design Challenge

The challenge was to craft stories for a diverse range of satisfied 37signals customers, including a toy maker, farmer and an accountant. With beauty and clarity in mind, this was a perfect opportunity to shape a more consistent visual and typographic language throughout all 37signals marketing.

View The Toy Farmer

View The Toy Maker

View The Accountant

Research, Content and Sketch

While I envisioned this challenge being a visual exercise, I had no content to work with. So before jumping to sketches, I spent the first few days thinking about what challenges farmers, toy makers and accountants face. From documentaries to articles about each of these industries, I jotted down story starting-points and made connections to all of the 37signals products.

A Case for Consistency

In considering aesthetic choices for each three of these stories, I wanted to make sure each person’s page felt custom and cared for. While effective, clear and beautiful on their own, existing 37signals marketing pages could benefit from a push for visual consistency.