A new site, with a framework to boot

After four years of not having a site online, I have a place on the web to call home again


To celebrate my 2-year anniversary at Basecamp, I spent some time collecting the work and essays I’ve done in the last few years. Nothing fancy. It’s mostly words arranged on a page. Which, I guess, is what web design is anyway. I’ve had a lot of fun building it. If you’re curious, you can pick apart the code on GitHub.

Are you a designer that wants to get a jump start using Jekyll? I extracted my two years of experience making sites with Jekyll into a super basic starting point called Hazelnut. There’s nothing fancy about it—just my commonly used Sass mixins and a slew of Rake tasks to get you going.

Blog post bonus: I keep every version of my website online. For archival and posterity, sure, but mainly so you can feel really good about your own website and laugh at all of my old ones.


Thanks for visiting. Here’s to many more good years at Basecamp!

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