Raise the Standards by Mig Reyes

I try my hardest never to bite the hand that feeds me, but when we’re free to voice our opinion to a community that’s willing to listen, sometimes you’ve gotta.

I saw this tweet by a talented friend, Skylar, and it’s been a common sentiment I’ve heard bounced back and forth through the design community for some time.

I’ve been to many HOW Conferences, and have even been fortunate enough to speak at two of them. As prominent within the design industry as HOW is, they’ve got to raise the standards. The magazine and blog are go-to sources for students and many working designers alike. When you show bad design, you encourage bad design. Up the ante, though, and I’m sure HOW will continue to get even bigger and better speakers as conferences roll on. They can do it, Megan and her team are wonderful.

It’s a big responsibility to curate content for such a massive audience. The onus is on all publishers, not just HOW, to raise the standards.

The web was meant to be read, not squished.