Lessons from Two Years of Tees by Mig Reyes

Glory days.

Today marks my second full year working as a designer at Threadless. I’ve loved every minute of it. I’ve been able to work on really amazing projects that millions of people see. I’ve been able to work with people that kick my ass in so many respects. It’s an honor, a thrill and totally rad.

I just wanted to take a minute to thank all of my skinnyCorpin’ co-workers. They are all hilarious, inspirational and well, a fuck-ton of awesome. A special thanks to Jake, who constantly encourages all of us to make great things happen. And to Sean, who was crazy enough to hire me onboard to piece together one of Chicago’s absolute best creative teams.

Some Lessons Learned Working at Threadless:

So, that’s that. Pardon me, I have some things to make.

The web was meant to be read, not squished.