On the Move by Mig Reyes

Threadless to 37signals

To say that my time working at Threadless has been amazing would be selling it short. As a designer in Chicago, one couldn’t ask for a better place to be. Beyond creating meaningful work that millions get to see and enjoy, I’ve also learned a lot about people, fucking up and trying something new.

Sean, the straight-outta-Yonkers Creative Director of Threadless, might even tell you that one of his proudest accomplishments here is piecing together one of the best creative teams in Chicago. It’s been an honor to be a part of it, and that’s what makes it extra tough saying good bye. I’m excited to share that I’m leaving the confines of t-shirt awesomeness to start something new. After spending some time interviewing with really great folks and asking for advice, I’m pumped for the change. I’m also excited to share my interview experiences along the way.

Next month, I’ll be joining the incredibly smart and talented 37signals crew as a Designer. I’ll be focused on public-facing marketing and communications, and dip into some product design once things really get rolling. An honor, for sure. (If you haven’t yet, pickup a copy of Rework. It’s a good read!) So to Jake, Sean, Colleen, Ross, Brock, Craig, Glenn, Betsy, Joe, Alex, Sean, Nikki, Jen, and everyone else at Threadless, thank you for inspiring me for the last three years.

I will still be available for modeling requests.

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